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Russian Scientists May Have Found Geological Evidence of 'Noah’s Flood'

Nov 22, 2016 07:49 AM EST
Drilling the earth can give us answers to many of nature’s questions
Russian scientists dug the world's deepest hole and may have discovered water from Noah's great flood.
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New scientific evidence may disprove all that we know about the earth and its layers. We have been taught since childhood that the earth becomes denser as a measuring point comes nearer the core. However, what Russian scientists have discovered may prove this otherwise.

The Kola Borehole is a very lengthy drill hole, where samples of soil as deep as 12 kilometers into the earth's crust have been collected. According to experts, the soil will become denser as the drill goes deeper into the earth; however, they found interesting evidence that may change what we all have believed in.

Most of the scientific references existing today indicate that the earth's crust is about 10 kilometers thick, followed by the mantle. However, evidence gathered from the Kola Borehole show that beyond 10 kilometers, there is a thick layer of soft soil with high quantities of water. Some have claimed that this may be proof of the Bible's "Great Flood."

The Great Flood refers to the most catastrophic flood believed to have occurred thousands of years ago. Most experts claim that many stories in the Bible are just allegories meant to teach people morals from the experiences of the characters, but many people believe that biblical stories are actual testimonies of real-life events. This is why countless expeditions have been conducted to search for any evidence that can prove the existence of these biblical people.

For scientists, there is very limited evidence to say that the Great Flood is actually a historical event. But analysis of the watery soil found in the Kola Borehole showed that it is no ordinary surface water. According to scientists, this must have come from minerals found within that layer of the earth, since there is no way for it to reach the surface as it is found beneath an impermeable layer of rock. 

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