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Visit Spain for the World's First Blue-Colored Wine

Nov 21, 2016 06:51 AM EST
There's a New Addition to Wine Collections Around the World
It is not just a choice between red and white wines anymore.
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Spain is known to be home to vast vineyards, cheeses, and unforgettable delicacies. People travel to this country to visit churches in Barcelona, the night clubs and beaches of Ibiza, and the wonderful art of Madrid. However, a new tourist attraction may just be formed in Basque Country, the place where all the wine comes from.

It is not just a choice between red and white wines anymore. A new innovation has led to the introduction of the world's first blue-colored wine known as Gik Blue. It is definitely a new way to innovate and shake up the very traditional wine industry.

According to its makers, they have made sure to combine red and white grapes with organic pigments to produce the controversial electric-blue which shoots out wine making from traditional methods. The developers have hired chemical engineers who have spent roughly around two years perfecting the formulation that would create that delectable sweet taste, mouth-watering aroma, and shocking blue color.

Based on the formulation which has been reported on a report from BBC, they have mixed up indigotine, which is an organic dye-like compound with anthocyanin from red grape skin to come up with an eye-catching electric blue color. They have used non-caloric sweeteners to enhance its flavors turning the traditional wine into a cross between a wine and a cocktail mixer. They have also made sure that the texture of the drink has that syrup feel, which is soft and smooth in the mouth.

Now being sold in almost 25 countries all over the world, Gik has been developed to create a more modernized feel to traditional wine. Interestingly, the target demographic of the company includes those social-media-savvy millennials that could make sure that the electric blue color catches the eyes of wine enthusiasts all over the world. As of the moment, it is yet to know whether it could stand the test of time as other more traditional wine have. 

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