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Want to Learn How to Spot Fake News from the Internet? Here's How

Nov 20, 2016 04:50 AM EST

It all started when Clinton claimed that fake news from a variety of media platforms has significantly influenced the US elections outcomes. Since this news has started coming up, netizens started to question whether the news that they see on the internet is really true. How should we all protect ourselves from misinformation? Just follow the following tips:

Be familiar with the official websites of reliable news providers. There have been reports that copycat websites that pose as 'reliable news providers' have been quite prevalent on the internet lately. These copycat website use the same name but a different URL. It will be best to know what these official websites look like so that at one click it would be easy to tell if it's fake. Also, those websites with unusual URLs are most definitely red flags.

Hone your fact checking skills. According to a report from CNN, when only one website shows that specific news, it might be a good thing to think twice. The best way to avoid being scammed is to always double check the facts - places, names, events and so on. There would always be other reliable websites on the internet that could act as secondary support to the article, may it be a different angle or another related story.

Remember that quotes and facts are always traceable.  What influential people say could make or break a headline. The transfer of words from one mouth to another does not always mean the entire message will be pulled through. Remember that a number of reliable websites on the internet have their own archives that could help in cross-checking whether a certain personality really posed such statements.  

Ongoing mitigations of cybercrime is continuously being developed throughout the world. However, no actual protection can be provided yet against fake, misleading and satirical news that spread all over the internet. 

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