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Brit Teenager Wins Court Case to Cryogenically Freeze Her Body After Death

Nov 19, 2016 10:29 AM EST
Alcor, one of the popular cryogenics companies in the US
Alcor, one of the popular cryogenics companies in the US
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A young teenage girl was reportedly cryogenically frozen after she died from cancer on October 17. She filed a court case that lobbies for her body's preservation after death, a topic which is still speculative and controversial.

The young teenage girl did not want to identify herself and has only been known to the public as "JS." According to a report from CNN, the young girl has expressed her deep desires to be able to live longer, as she has been suffering from cancer for quite some time. She believes that if she would be cryogenically frozen there are still chances for her to be revived in the future when cancer has found a cure, "even in hundreds of years' time". Though it may be an unusual case, the court has decided on who shall be responsible to take care of her in the moment she dies.

According to the result of the proceedings, her father who is also a cancer patient did not initially support her wishes to be frozen. He stated that in the case she has been revived successfully in a hundred years' time, she might find herself with no relatives and no memories. For a young girl of 14 years, this may be a very desperate situation.

So, she has used what she had read from the internet, and possibly from what she has watched from movies, to search for companies in the world that could possibly satisfy her wishes. She has found the Cryonics Institute in Michigan, United States and proceeded to file a case on an American court. The judge who presided over the case has indicated that the young woman had enough right and capacity to start legal action towards the matter.

The concept of cryogenics is very controversial when it comes to preserving the dead as it has only been used for organs and cells. There are still no evidence to prove that cryogenically preserving a large structured human being will indicate resuscitation in the future. However, taking the risks JS and her family continued with the battle.

Eventually, her father has ended up to "respect her daughter's decision." Just before she died, her case has been approved, and she could legally be "frozen" in the United States.

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