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Exploding iPhone? Pregnant Australian Woman Burnt by New iPhone 7

Nov 17, 2016 10:58 AM EST
Few months ago, a boy used the feature in order to call 911 after his mom passed out by dialing 999 for emergency services.
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Is Apple facing the same smartphone nightmare as Samsung?  

It was August of 2016 when the newest addition to Samsung's Note line was released worldwide. However, just less than a month after it was released, there was a continuous stream of reports indicating that the handset heats up on its own, leading to explosions and burning. Because of this, consumers are now turning to Apple, which just unveiled its newest iPhone to the public. Despite the lack of an earphone jack, everyone was pretty much satisfied with the iPhone 7 -- until now.

According to a report from Women's Weekly, a pregnant woman suffered severe burns after her iPhone overheated while charging. Allegedly, she accidentally slept on her phone while it was charging, and she woke up to stinging sensations on her arm. She woke up in pain and noticed large patches of burnt skin whose shape she could easily trace back to the charger and the phone.

Concerned for other users, she immediately shared the incident on her Facebook page, warning anyone with the same handset to be very careful while charging.

Since the phone's release, more and more people are starting to notice that their handsets easily overheat upon continuous usage and during charging. Though the reported injury may still be an isolated case, Apple has begun to investigate the incident but has not released an official statement yet. For now, the best thing to do is to be on high alert and to never leave your handset charging overnight. 

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