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Mysterious Gigantic Foam Blob in California Shocks Residents

Nov 19, 2016 10:54 AM EST

Residents were shocked when a gigantic blob of foam filled up a street in Santa Clara, California. However, local enforcers on the scene failed to explain immediately what the mass of white foam was.

The sea of white foam was so massive that it has reached a height as high as the top of stop signs. To prevent the foam from spreading further, it has been noted on some reports that local police have been seen stacking sandbags around the area creating a roadblock to prevent people from driving, walking or biking through the mess.

After some investigation, local enforcers has Tweeted on the actual cause of the problem. According to their post, the white foam incident came from a malfunctioning Fire Suppression system at the new hangar Mineta San Jose International Airport. It has also been indicated on some reports that locals should not worry as support will be provided for the problem. Furthermore, emergency personnel has indicated that the foam was not dangerous, but could provide very mild skin irritations upon exposure.

A video from one of the residents showed a certain individual biking through the blockade. He disappeared into the foam and was seen to hit one of the poles. When he emerged, he quickly stated that "someone had to do it," showing that the stunt has been done out of complete curiosity. The incident is still hazardous, and local police had heightened security around the area to prevent even more residents in replicating such actions.

According to a report from USA Today, the fire retardant foam started to spread at about 10:50 am local time. The area affected is so massive that clean-up crews and local authorities took roughly eight hours to completely wipe the foam off the area. 

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