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Robots Are Taking Over Humans, Can Learn Faster than Programmed

Nov 18, 2016 06:51 AM EST

For the past decades, advancements in technology have been rapidly increasing. Mobiles are glued to our hands, the internet is taking over our lives, and technology is in everything we do and in everywhere we go. And among the latest in technological advancements is the development of artificial intelligence systems that could act like humans.

Researchers from the University of Toronto have created a robot which not only learns what is taught to it but can exceed expectations as it can form knowledge on its own. Parham Aarabi and Wenzhi Guo have identified an algorithm that can "learn" from human instruction. In their experiment, the robot was taught to identify hair color, hair length, and the like using photographs.

Impressively, the robot not only met the expectation set by the researchers but also surpassed it by creating its own means of comparing the hair's texture to the texture of the background. This research from the University of Toronto is only one of the many recent advancements in AI technology. A large majority of studies about AI and robotics would still be in Japan.

Studies like this encourage other companies to do better. It has been reported that Google has hired its own AI expert to develop their own "thinking" robots, with its ambitions to become the leaders in the tech industry. Experts and other tech companies are also continuously building their own robot which could learn faster and better than programmed. 

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