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Cybersecurity: Not a Priority for New Trump Administration?

Nov 20, 2016 09:43 AM EST

Cybercrime has been on the rise since the internet became an influential source of information. People are constantly provided with fake and misleadings new and are even robbed of their personal data. The increasing exposure of people to technology has also increased the opportunities for theft, fraud, and other crimes. In a world of cybersecurity "chaos," experts said that President-elect Trump might be falling behind cybercrime mitigation.

A number of voters have pointed out that President-elect Trump's "visions" regarding cybersecurity are vague and typical. Some were even disappointed with how he responded about cybercrime when asked during the first debate. All these may give Americans a view of what they could expect from the new administration.

For the past few years, there had been some high-profile cybersecurity threats against essential government agencies, such as the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), which hold sensitive information about citizens. From this, people have been made aware of the danger that these hackers can do. According to USA Today, cybersecurity experts such as Berkeley Center have provided the new Trump administration some much-needed guide on how to possibly protect the people from cybercrime.

A few of the recommendations from the Berkeley Center include the formation of an agency that focuses on developing technologies to strengthen security against cybercrime. Furthermore, cybersecurity should be treated as a serious issue and included in the curriculum as an essential part of computer literacy. The administration was also advised to spend more to bring in cybersecurity experts from all over the world as the need for security becomes more evident.

As the Trump administration is yet to decide on what actions to do against cybercrime and national security, everybody should keep themselves protected against possible threats. All are warned to stay vigilant and make intelligent decisions when using the internet. 

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