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Prince William: 'Horrifying Number' of Animals Still Poached in Modern Times

Nov 18, 2016 07:25 AM EST

The Duke of Cambridge delivered a speech in an international convention in Vietnam and has highlighted the need to put a halt to the worrying increase of animals being poached up to this day and age. It has been said that one of the primary reasons for such brutality against animals is the continuous search of consumers for illegal goods such as ivory and other rare wildlife.

The prince has clearly made a stand regarding banning such purchases in the United Kingdom, as was done in China and the U.S. He has indicated, according to a report from BBC, that all the nations' progress against illegal poaching of animals is "something to be proud of." But he has also noted that maybe nations are not moving fast enough to put a complete stop to the problem.

It may be true that if there is no one buying an item, then there would be no need to kill for it. As long as consumers continue to buy illegal ivory, then there will never be a stop to hunters and gangs killing endangered animals such as rhinos and elephants. There should be a stricter law enforcement against syndicates and gangs that reap their riches in illegal activities such as this. Though the prince was not pointing at any nation in particular, it is clear that it should be a worldwide concern.

Perhaps a more stringent action towards 'hindering' the problem would be a good idea in this. As prevention could be a cure, it may be the only hope the future generations could hang on to.

It should be noted that the continuous illegal hunting of animals leads to its endangerment, a feat which should alarm authorities. Further damage can cause extinction, something that any scientist may not be able to solve. 

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