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Inexpensive Fishing Technique to Reel in Expensive Fish Through Condoms?

Nov 18, 2016 07:38 AM EST

Nowadays, innovation is the newest form of discovery. It is not a matter of creating something new anymore -- it is about developing what already exists.

According to reports, it is now a trend in Cuba to go fly fishing along the bays using inflated condoms. For many people, this device is a rather popular birth control product, but for people in Cuba, it may be used to reel in very expensive fish.

One of the factors affecting the people's inventiveness when it comes to fly fishing is that there are quite some very strict controls over who can own and use boats. Since this is a hindrance, there would only be very limited occasions for which an individual can enjoy fishing and eating expensive catch like red snappers and tarpons. Locals would have to think of ways to attract these kinds of fishes without leaving the shore. A very popular example of this would be balloon fishing.

Interestingly, these inflated male condoms are used to create floats that carry their fishing lines far into the ocean and to keep the bait still high in the water. The procedure apparently explained by some locals is very simple. The inflated condoms keep the line afloat, and the current carries the line far where there are higher possibilities of a fish to take the bait. As the line pulls free, the only thing the fisherman has to do is to reel the catch in.

Both locals and international spectators of this fly fishing technique are awed by the simplicity and innovativeness of this fly fishing method. One local even exclaimed about how "strong" condoms are, describing their resilience against harsh water currents.

This method has increased the popularity of condom throughout Cuba that there had been reports that condom sales had increased dramatically, especially during fishing periods. Just imagine, a few cents to spare for a pack of condoms can reel in dozens of expensive fish that can be a hundred times the cost. 

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