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Trump May Face Lawsuit From American Kids Over Climate Change

Nov 16, 2016 10:56 AM EST

Last week, a group of 21 young people won the right to sue the government for what they believe are actions that have caused climate change. The group's age average ranges between nine and 20, but it is no cause for adults to underestimate their capabilities and knowledge when it comes to current affairs. An Oregon federal judge ruled that their lawsuit was valid and could proceed to trial.

Though it is common for adults to take action against what they believe the government has and has not done, it is no surprise that children want to act on their own too. These children are taught about climate change and how it may affect their future, so it is only natural that they may take matters into their own hands.

The lawsuit is being spearheaded by a non-profit organization for the youth called Our Children's Trust. According to a report, the youth accused President Obama for violating the youth's constitutional rights to life, among other things. They pointed out that the fossil fuel industry may have caused so much significant damage to the environment, and the government should take action regarding its continuous use.  

In a statement released by US District Judge Ann Aiken, she said that her ruling was "not about proving that climate change is happening or that human activity is driving it." Instead, she understood that the plaintiff's cause is to sue the government against inaction or for not doing their statutory responsibilities to secure the life and future of the generations to come.

Some experts actually call this lawsuit as the "biggest case on the planet" because even if these young people cannot vote, they are not prevented from practicing their rights as citizens of the nation.

As President Obama exits his post, the main question on everyone's minds is what would happen next? The new president-elect, Donald Trump, has been known as a climate change denier over the years. People are afraid that not only would cases like these be put to naught, but there may also be further harmful actions against the environment. 

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