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Missing Teenager Suspected to be Trying Out Bear Grylls' Survival Techniques

Nov 14, 2016 07:18 AM EST

Last September, a teenage boy has written a what seemed to be a goodbye letter to his parents telling them that he is bored with life and that there are things that he must do.

The devastated parents immediately reached out to authorities to help look for the whereabouts of the missing boy, but up to this point, they have not succeeded. There are evidence that all these had been premeditated by the missing boy as there were specific instructions about his actions that had led authorities to eliminate the angle of kidnapping.

The boy has explicitly informed his parents in the letter about where to find his bike and his school uniform. The boy said, "I don't know how long I will be away for, but it won't be any longer than a year." It was also written on his note that the parents would find his uniform in a bin bag in the field of green in a small barn down the road from a church. He has also indicated that his bike will be chained to a fence and where the spare key to the lock can be found.

Just as described, the bike and the uniform were found, but the boy was still missing.

His parents also reached out to the media to help look for their missing son. In an interview, they told the media that their son was strongly fond of survival shows and spy shows such that of Jason Bourne and Bear Grylls. They are afraid that what he has indicated as "what he must do" is to explore his chances at surviving odds with nature.

Arthur Heeler-Frood is an intelligent boy who has received great distinction in school. What may have pushed him to decide on such a risky adventure is still unknown, but the parents can only wish that he goes back home. 

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