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Elon Musk's Hyperloop: Turning a 2-Hour Drive Into a 12-Minute Pod Ride

Nov 14, 2016 06:12 AM EST

Hollywood films and literature have always depicted 2020 as "The Future," featuring technology we have always wanted to have. They show hover boards, flying cars, self-driving cars, space travel, hologram communication, and many more. However, how much of these have we ever accomplished? 

With 2020 almost on its three-year mark, it is without a doubt that numerous technological designs and visions have been put out and introduced to investors. One of these is BIG and Hyperloop One from Dubai. One of the primary business pursuits of businessman innovator Elon Musk, the Hyperloop is a high-speed transportation system aiming to reduce a two-hour drive into a 12-minute pod ride. It has been envisioned with Musk Electric Jet, which is a supersonic jet aircraft with electric fan propulsion.

According to reports, it has been proposed to be developed in UAE with the aim of shortening travel time between Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The future of mobilization, it involves a small tube (called a pod) which could carry in it passengers, freight and cargo, and almost all kinds of things. This pod is then fired up into a tube-shaped bridge enclosure, known as a transport tube, and is expected to travel at 750 miles per hour maximum.

This system is not only high-speed, it is also expected to be on auto-pilot full time, taking its passengers to their requested destinations.

There had been experimentations on the Hyperloop One models, and its developers bet that it could only improve exponentially through time. Seeing that it works is a promising thing for its investors. With many viewers quite skeptical and critical about the reality of the Hyperloop One, it is aimed to be fully developed by 2020. 

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