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Unbelievably Large Sinkhole in Japan Fixed After 2 Days

Nov 16, 2016 03:57 AM EST

The world was shocked by the news that an unbelievable large sinkhole has swallowed up a busy street in Japan just last week, November 8. However, the world was even more shocked by the news that Japanese authorities have fixed and reopened the road just two days after the calamity.

A week ago, a 30-meter hole opened up below a busy street in Japan terrifying the local residents. It was estimated to be about 15 meters in depth and spanning an entire five-lane road. It started with light shaking and the ground breaking apart. People started seeing light posts being swallowed by the ground. The hole was so large that it even threatened to topple over large buildings in the surroundings. Due to this, there are power cuts, lack of water supply, and disrupted phone signals. Thankfully, all residents have been evacuated immediately causing no harm to the public.

Fukuoka City Mayor has assured the public that the problem shall be immediately fixed. It has been reported that the workers have operated for a full 24 hours daily finding ways on how to create a quick fix for the hole. It was estimated that the workers used about 6,200 cubic meters of sand and cement to practically fill in the hole. Finally, just after 48 hours, the hole in the ground was finally closed up and paved, power poles and traffic lights have been replaced and the broken sewage pipe was also repaired.  

Media all over the world, as well as netizens, exclaimed about the impressive speed for which the sinkhole was fixed just after two days. However, some Japanese authorities were significantly disappointed as 'delays' have been caused by the health and safety checks of the road turning the 48-hour save into a one-week affair.

Regardless, the road was reopened Tuesday after local officials finally declared the repairs to be safe. Fukuoka City Mayor assures the public that the repairs are stronger than the original road. Now, it looks as if nothing really happened and no hole swallowed up a large part of the city. 

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