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Airless and Tubeless Bike Tires Revolutionize Bicycle Technology

Nov 14, 2016 05:47 AM EST

Nobody likes a flat tire. It is time-consuming and sometimes, costly. However, a new revolution in bicycle technology introduces flat-free tires for all to marvel upon. Just imagine the kind of freedom bike riders would feel with the knowledge that their tires can never go flat. Despite the conditions of the terrain, be it soft, rough, or bumpy, a flat-free tire will never be a problem

The Nexo is the next big thing in the bicycle revolution. It is no ordinary bicycle tire -- it is not only tubeless but also airless. These tires are made from a specialized mix of polymer which calls for not only durability but also the cushion and resilience that the missing bike tubes provide.

Not only is it a revolution when it comes to ride comfort and efficiency, reports and reviews show that it has also been well recognized in manufacturing. The production of an ordinary Nexo tire is a one-step injection mold process which takes just roughly 30 minutes compared with the multiple manufacturing steps of ordinary tires.

These kinds of tires come in two forms: the Nexo and the Ever. The Nexo is a type of tire modification intentionally made for cyclists who prefer to reuse their rims. The expected lifespan of the Nexo is roughly 5,000 kilometers. On the other hand, the Ever is the variant which is a drop-in wheel set. The life span of the Ever is estimated to be about 5,000 miles.

It does not only save the rider expense on entirely eradicating the possibility of a flat tire, it also reduces the costs, materials, and energy used to make up a pair of Nexo tires. Furthermore, from the beginning to the end of its lifecycle, the Nexo tires are multifunctional. The design of this tire makes it easier to be recycled as it is made up of a single material compared with ordinary tires which are composed of multiple layers. 

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