According to the New Journal of Physics, the idea of using hard-core mathematical artistry in any research is terrifying for many physicists. It is not because scientists generally have a hard time with it. Instead, mathematics can actually become a language barrier among scientists. 

The aim of the scientific community all over the world is to involve society in understanding nature, in learning how it behaves so we could all learn how to take care of it. Science has been developed so that nature could be easily understood and with the use of high-level, advanced mathematics defeats the purpose entirely.

Apparently, the use of high-level mathematics becomes a communication barrier. According to a research by Dr. Tim Fawcett and Dr. Andrew Higginson from the University of Exeter, journals with numerous mathematical equation have a less likelihood of being referenced by other scientists. The research found that the culprit behind this is that there are minimal explanations on what referenced equations on research mean. The lack of such a narrative becomes the gap for the next scientist to further an existing study.

According to the researchers, it is not a matter of entirely deviating from the use of Mathematical equations. Instead, there must be effort and time taken in the presentation of these mathematical theories, providing ample narrative and explanation as to how such theories came about. It is not all about focusing on the results and the conclusions. It may seem like a minor issue, but it could lead to very drastic effects such as the stunting of scientific progress.

It may seem that the intensity of the difficulty of a mathematical equation may be directly affecting its accessibility not only to the general public but also within the scientific community itself. As it turns out, everybody can be a little afraid of math too.