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Science Fiction Quantum Computers to Be Brought to Life by Microsoft

Nov 23, 2016 07:43 AM EST

Microsoft is reportedly spending big dollars to make a super computer straight out of a science fiction movie. The tech giant has been hiring top-notched engineering experts all over the world to create the world's first-ever super quantum computer.

Quantum computers are super high-technology devices that are expected to outperform conventional computers of today. It has the ability, theoretically, to solve problems at a much faster rate such than normal computers can. According to a report from the New York Times, this kind of computer might even be more practical than ordinary computing machines as they have a significant effect on work speed and the like. It will significantly boost the powers of the present day artificial intelligence and even "offer a better understanding of the foundation of modern physics."

The basic idea of quantum computing is that its principles of design and function are utterly different from that of a conventional computer which will increase the speed and capability of the machine to store and process data. Based on a simple theoretical Turing machine, it can simulate and calculate complex algorithms at very fast speeds.

This concept of quantum computing has been existing since the 1980s when it was pioneered by Paul Benioff, Yuri Manin, and Richard Feynman. However, all their research are still pure experiment and theory. Microsoft, one of the leaders of today's technology, would be one of the firsts who will take the next step of possibly creating a working prototype.

The company's research team started in 2005, setting up a laboratory known as Station Q. Microsoft has now the reason to believe that they are a few steps closer to achieving their decade-long goal of being the first to build a working quantum computer prototype. This is in spite of the fact that physicists and computer scientists still continue to debate whether there is a true possibility of ever building a real quantum computer. 

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