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Man's Best Friend: Owner Fulfills Dying Dog's 'Bucket List'

Nov 13, 2016 09:28 AM EST
Forty animals in a neglectful state at a Fletcher residence have been seized by deputies.
(Photo : Getty Images/Matt Cardy)

It is normal for people to have a bucket list when they find out they only have a few months to live, but who would have thought that a dog can have one too?

It was 2008 when the cutest white and tan Jack Russel was adopted by a loving family of four. Raised on a farm, Bernard, as the family called him, lived a generally happy life. His human family loved him so much that he was thought to live through the average life span of a terrier and reach the age of 18. However, last October, his veterinarian gave him only three months to live. A large tumor, the size of an orange, was discovered on his liver. Though it could be surgically removed, he was diagnosed with a hostile and malignant cancer.

Despite being deeply heartbroken about the news, the family knew that they had to make sure that his last few months would be the best of his life. His doggy bucket list included taking long walks in the forest, throwing tennis balls on the beach, and eating fresh-cooked sausages as the priority on his list. According to the owner, energetically running through the beach and forest are among his favorite things to do, epecially when this meant that he would be coming home to a scrumptuous meal or snacks. He also loved receiving treats and keeping the entire family smiling. 

There are some days that Bernard is as healthy as the young puppy he used to be. But there are some days when he succumbs to his pain. As brave as he is, Bernard has taught the family how to live day by day with the problems of tomorrow far away from them. 

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