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Airline Secrets Every Travel Bug Should Know

Nov 13, 2016 10:16 AM EST

Everyone wants to travel, and everyone wants to travel cheap.

A lot of people can only travel during specific times of the year, mostly during peak seasons like Christmas, New Year, and all other holidays when everyone travels. The worst thing is, at times like these, traveling rarely comes cheap. Airfare is expensive, and affordable hotels are surely booked, leaving only the expensive ones behind. So how does one travel cheap? Here are a few travel hacks:

The first rule of traveling cheap is not buying round-trip tickets because they are never the cheapest. Most of the time, it would be best to find different airlines that travel the same route and choose the cheaper between the two. Traveling with more than one airline is not really too bad, especially for short-haul flights. 

The second rule of traveling cheap is always beware of hidden fees. Most of the time, the base cost of the ticket could come with a seat sale. However, additional costs for in-flight meals, insurances, and baggage check-ins could sum up to a regular-priced ticket in another airline, where all these "other fees" actually come free.

Another good thing to note about airlines is that there are certain parts of the world, especially those airlines leaving European airports, which are very strict when it comes to their cancellation regulations. A canceled flight does not necessarily mean non-refundable and non-negotiable scenarios. Especially those European planes, it is within the passenger's rights to receive options such as refunds and alternative flights. Sometimes, airlines are forced to find a person a seat on rival airlines just to get all passengers to where they need to be. As for delayed flights, there are also cases when the airline can transfer the passenger to a different flight for as long as there are available seats.

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