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Millennials Prefer Traveling Over Paying the Bills, Studies Show

Nov 13, 2016 04:31 AM EST
Millenials Prefer to Travel Over Buying Homes

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There had been hearsays from the past years that the older generation is oddly dissatisfied with the decisions made by the youth of today. It is without a doubt that the lifestyle of the younger generation differs to that of the baby boomers as influenced by culture, technology, modernization, and even, globalization. The question is, is this just the typical we're-older-we-know-better thing, or is there scientific proof to prove so?

A new research has explored how youngsters rank their priorities, as such as savings, debts, travel, and properties. The respondents include people aged 18 to 35 years old from the UK, US, and China. This research has provided odd but somewhat expected results. As it turns out, a majority of the so-called millennials have savings as their number one priority. However, the turnout showed that young people consider traveling as a higher priority than owning homes, paying debt, or even buying their own cars.

This may be due to the exponential stream of opportunities for travel. With the surge of apps like SkyScanner and AirBnB, among others, there had been widespread prospects not just for travel but for cheap itineraries. Nowadays, anyone who would want to go to a place in the world could make up their own travel itineraries than go to travel agencies for a fixed holiday schedule. According to some respondents, making their own travel itineraries is not only cheaper; it is also more flexible and allows for a more "local"feel to exploration.

Thus, it may be true that millennials and baby boomers are different after all.

So different are the views of millennials and baby boomers that it has been reported that two of the most popular political meltdowns of 2016, the Brexit and Trump's presidential victory, has been strongly influenced by the older generations. Polls show that almost 90 percent of millennials voted No to Brexit and voted for Clinton as president. While the older generations voted more than 80 percent on the other direction. As the aged population is the majority, it is no wonder that their votes weighed more. 

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