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Cats Locked Inside a House Forced to Eat Each Other to Survive

Nov 24, 2016 05:57 AM EST

A home in Adelaide, Australia was recently raided by local police as there had been reports that more than 10 cats had been locked inside a woman's home. According to reports, the cats were starved to death and were forced to eat each other to survive.

In an interview, chief inspector Andrea Lewis stated that the situation was so graphic and heart-breaking that it would be an unforgettable experience for her department. According to her report, the house was severely infested with very old feces from cats, and there were rotting corpses of felines all over the house. It has been noted that out of the original 14 cats, only one survived the forced starvation.

According to a report from Mirror UK, this event had been reported in September 2015, and the woman who owned the felines has constantly failed to attend court hearings. Now a year later, the woman was convicted of animal cruelty, but her mental health issues were also being taken into consideration.

Animal hoarding and other related cases are common all over the world. These usually involve a certain individual who keeps an unusual number of animals without the ability to provide care and support. This is a serious concern as most people who suffer from this health issue tend to deny the fact that they have no capability of caring for their numerous animals.

Since keeping a lot of animals without the capability of caring for them brings these creatures to danger, these kinds of scenarios are sure to raise some eyebrows. Though this is not a deliberate case of animal cruelty, there are still high amounts of concern from organizations and individuals who lobby for animal rights.

As to the fate of the lone survivor of the ordeal, the cat has been rescued and put to proper care. According to reports, he has been rehabilitated to his full health and has been adopted soon after. 

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