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Pyongyang Metro: An Insight on North Korea's Most Luxurious Railway System

Nov 08, 2016 10:54 AM EST
Guard at the Pyongyang Metro
Found a hundred meters underneath the ground, the Pyongyang Metro is one of the world's deepest commuter systems.
(Photo : Getty Images)

Found a hundred meters below the ground is North Korea's most luxurious railway system.

All those who have wondered about the incredible depth of this railway system have been searching for answers. Not only does it serve to transport its people from point to point within the capital, its depth and design also double as a nuclear bunker -- for reasons, we are yet to find out.

This system, known as the Pyongyang Metro, has two lines: the Chollima Line and the Hyoksin Line. The Chollima line runs through the north, while the latter traverses the southwest to the northeast. According to reports, hundreds of thousands of commuters use these lines daily.

Tourists who have been to North Korea testify on the marvelousness of this infrastructure. With marbled floors and chandeliers, it could top almost all well-known rail stations in the world. There are also reports that the décor on all the stations as well as inside the train is very interesting. The walls are adorned with large paintings and photos of the country's leaders. Almost all stations only play state radio broadcasts, and every station has a stand which displays the latest Rodong Sinmun nNewspaper. An interesting trivia about this is that one specific station, the Kwang Myong station, has been closed since 1995 since the mausoleum of Kim Il-Sung is located at the station.

So notable is this rail system that it even has a museum entirely dedicated to its history and construction, which started in 1965. The museum displays various murals and paintings depicting the greatness of their leaders, as well as different vehicles and a railbus which was used by Kim Il-Sung himself whenever he was overseeing the construction of the rail system.

Just like in majority of the places around North Korea, foreign tourists are allowed to take photos and get off only in specific stations along both of the railway's lines. No photos are allowed to be taken underneath the tunnels. 

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