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2016 US Elections: Donald Trump Won; Want to Move to Canada?

Nov 10, 2016 07:13 AM EST

Republican nominee Donald Trump made a historic win in the recently concluded U.S. presidential elections that shocked the nation. His victory created a ridiculous media frenzy, with mixed emotions from all over the world. However, it seems majority of Americans were utterly disappointed.

During the presidential campaign, a number of residents claimed that they would rather leave America (or die) than see Trump as the president of the country. People all over the world even thought that Trump would never win as president because the Americans know better. But the unexpected happened, and recent reports claimed that this may be the "worst political phenomenon of the year," right next to Britain's infamous Brexit. So, should Americans start moving to Canada? 

One of the most common online searches today would be "how to move to Canada." Just before the polls started this month, Canada has loosened its regulations regarding accepting immigrants and refugees, welcoming to their lands people from all walks of life, race, and religion.

Interestingly, according to reports, as the declaration of the winner started to near, Canada's immigration website became unreachable. This crash may be due to an unexpected number of people logging on and visiting the page, all desperate for an exit from the overwhelming turn of events. Netizens agree that this maybe because of the disappointment regarding Trump's win and Americans exploring the possibility of officially migrating to the Land of Maple and leaving the Land of the Free behind.  

Travelers have claimed that many of Canada's cities are filled with pleasant scenery and lovable people, which include Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal. Though temperature could be at record lows, those who love the great outdoors can enjoy the adventures of snowboarding and skiing, with ice hockey on the side. With Trump's win possibly lessening the appeal of the American dream, Canada seems to be a more viable and attractive place to migrate to in North America.

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