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Winter is Here: 2017 Will Be 'Cooler' Than 2016, According to Forecasts

Dec 21, 2016 09:46 AM EST

The year 2016 has been recorded as the hottest year in human history, but recent forecasts show that 2017 may be much cooler. 

According to a report from the Global Weather Oscillations, we are currently undergoing temperature oscillations in the South Pacific Ocean which affects pretty much the disposition of climate all over the globe.

This particular temperature oscillation involves what is called the "El Nino Phase," the "La Nina Phase," and the "Neutral Phase." Both phases usually happen in month-long or year-long intervals when the temperatures are either warmer than normal (El Nino Phase) or cooler than usual (La Nina Phase). The Neutral Phase, on the other hand, is the lull between the warm and the cold temperatures, and it usually happens when transitioning between the two extreme phases.

El Nino normally entails environmental conditions such as drought, which has significantly terrifying effects on nature. The first six months of the last year have been the most extreme as ice caps started to melt along the Arctic, affecting ecosystems and wildlife in the region.

According to historical records, the last El Nino experienced in 1998 took more than seven years to fade away. Now, with probably one of the worst temperature increases in human memory, scientists believe that it may take longer than seven years for the signs of El Nino finally go on hiatus. The first few months of 2017 may bring about good news.

For the first few months of the next year, the Weather Network reported that Earth may start to transition from the El Nino Phase to the La Nina Phase. With this, we may expect that the evidence of El Nino will be slowly, but evidently, fading. On the other hand, though it is expected to be cooler, the temperatures of the early onset of the La Nina Phase are not expected to be significantly low. Temperatures are still not expected to drop in significant numbers. 

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