The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States announced that powdered medical gloves pose harm to patients and doctors alike. As a result, powdered medical gloves are now banned in the country.

A report from Live Science indicated that the FDA has set a national ban on the usage of powdered medical gloves throughout the United States starting January of 2017. Only the second medical device to be banned by the FDA, powdered gloves have been pointed out to pose significant danger not only to users but also to the patients exposed to them.

A newsletter from Ansell enumerated the possible dangers that latex powder poses to individuals using them and patients exposed to them. The powder present inside the gloves causes allergic reactions to a significant statistic once it has been airborne. There had also been reports that some inflammation and infection have been attributed to a wound's exposure to this latex powder.

On top of that individuals and personnel from the medical community who are consistently exposed to latex powder often suffers from skin irritation and allergies. It causes dryness to the skin and minor abrasions that can turn into very irritating and itchy rashes.

There are actually a number of items which are surprisingly banned in the United States. One of which would be the Kinder Egg, an egg-shaped chocolate with small toys and trinkets inside. The underlying reason for the U.S. to officially ban the sale of Kinder Eggs is because the size of toys inside the egg poses choking hazards to children.

Now that the medical garment has been banned and given only a few more weeks before becoming fully phased out, people from the medical industry are on a continuous search to find an appropriate replacement. The good thing is that there are now many locally available unpowdered variants.