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Sun-like Star 300 Light Years Away ‘Eats’ Earth-like Planet Orbiting it

Dec 19, 2016 07:55 AM EST
Sun-like Star 300 Light Years Away ‘Eats’ Earth-like Planet Orbiting it
Large stars could eat Earth-like planets.
(Photo : NASA/Getty Images)

Scientists recently found traces and evidence that would prove that a star just as big and old as the sun ate an Earth-like planet orbiting it. Based on historical records, scientists found two planets currently orbiting the star. However, what is also surprising is that there may be evidence of the presence of an Earth-like planet that used to orbit the sun as well.

The analysis of the star's composition is one of the most incriminating evidence that show what it has done to one of the planets. Science Alert reported that a team of scientists has discovered that with its size and age, it has four times more lithium compared with the average. Furthermore, with stars found to be consistent of only very high-temperature gases, scientists found traces of heat-resistant metals in its composition. These kinds of metals are only so abundant in terrestrial planets.

A report from Vanderbilt University explained that there is a hypothesis that concludes that the metallicity of stars' outer atmosphere comes from its ability to ingest terrestrial planets. They have discovered this by comparing ratios of iron to hydrogen in a star and comparing it with a general average among similar stars, particularly the sun.  

It has also been found that when the melting point of a particular element or material is higher, it is more abundant in Earth-eating stars. The more planets a particular star ingests the more chemical traces of it are found in its atmosphere making it easy for scientists to detect traces of it.

Universe Today explained that some rocky planets can get extra close to a certain region of the start that gravity can begin to pull and tug on the terrestrial planet. Sometimes it is the formation of gas giants that may push these tiny rocky planets closer to the surface of a star. 

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