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Chinese and Russian Armies May Have Biomorphic Robots and They're Terrifying

Dec 20, 2016 06:43 AM EST
Biomorphic Robots
Biomorphic robots may be the next big thing in warfare technology.
(Photo : John Philips/Getty Images)

The Chinese army has revealed their up-and-coming combat biomorphic robots. These are robots designed to not only look but also function like animals made of metals. On all fours and massive, biomorphic robots may be the future of warfare technology. What makes it worse is that China is not the only country that has them.

The Chinese army, according to a report from Mirror UK, has been developing high-technology biomorphic war robots. What makes it more interesting is that these meta-animals idea has been opened for a competition from the public in what is known as the "Overcoming Obstacles 2016."

It is the government's means of helping the Chinese military improve their forefront in technology and robotics. The competition has been opened to a total of 73 teams and the winner of the competition may get the chance to have their robots manufactured for future combat use.

It should be noted that the robots which were showcased were all autonomous, which means they did not function under the control of a remote and behaved completely via sensors. There are even some studies on how to further these biomophic machines and turn them into self-thinking and reacting machines.

A report from April of 2016 noted that Russia also has a team developing their own biomorphic combat robots known as the Ris and Avatar. Now, "Avatar" is no ordinary unmanned biomorphic robot. Similar to Tom Cruise's Edge of Tomorrow machines where humans are supersized and superstrengthed by mounting a combat robot suit. "Avatar" is a robot that merges with a human operator, originally aimed to turn a human into a war "machine."

The research and development of biomorphic robots have been ongoing for the past few years. In fact, many of today's innovative robot technology have been based strongly on how animal and creatures in the wild behave. However, this is the first time that gigantic meta-animals are planned to be used for combat.

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