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Genes Can Now Be Sequenced and Sold to Science

Dec 19, 2016 05:51 AM EST

Genetic science has reached its peak as modern technology allows for a much faster DNA sequencing. A company called Genos is offering its services to fill in the needs of individuals to have their genes sequenced.

This DNA sequencing is the process that literally determines the sequence of nucleotides within a strand of DNA. One of its main uses is to provide ease in the diagnosis of different diseases and possibly providing individualized treatments and care for certain illnesses. Furthermore, it helps in potentially understanding how to "correct" and avoid genetic disorders in infants. One of its main uses as well would be the determination of an identity useful for crime investigations as no DNA from any two different individuals could be the same.

DNA sequencing, the first time that it was done, took decades to be complete for a single individual. However, anyone now has the ability to have their genes sequenced. A company known as Genos has offered up their services to patients who wish to have their genes sequenced at a much cheaper rate and faster result.

The company will be able to determine any abnormality or variation in the DNA through comparison of an individual's data against the data of the entire sample. The company boasts of their services in which an individual has the right to keep the results for himself, and no one else is entitled to its ownership than the DNA donor.

According to a report from Wired, a number of experts and physicians have warned against the mainstreaming of gene sequencing. They have explained that it may certainly lead to overwhelming results and catastrophic reactions from patients if information has been mishandled. Certain misunderstood information might lead to patients doing drastic and unnecessary actions that may harm their health in the future.

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