New and innovative technology in interior design revolutionizes conventional wall designs by turning wallpapers and ceramic tiles into electronic wall tiles. Just imagine the ease of changing colors, patterns, and wall design through a click of a button!

The Lumentile, or Luminous Electronic Tile, is a simple ceramic or glass tile that has specialized embedded electronics that not only allows it to change colors but also displays images and play videos. It has been designed to use high-end photonics technology that allows simple ceramic or glass tiles to produce light as that of any screen or television. The best part about this is that it could be easily controlled depending on the owner's preference.

A group of Italian scientists has found a means of embedding light sources and electronic chips in ceramic or glass tiles while being able to preserve its construction and structural capabilities. A combination of conventional construction and advanced touch screen technology, the Lumentile is the next generation of smart devices to be used for interior design. Redecorating a home has never been this fun and easy in just a simple tap on a button.

Through this technology, any simple bare wall could turn into an entertainment center in a flash with no additional setups necessary. For tall buildings and billboards, this could be the next revolutionizing method of marketing and advertising as it may act like a screen or a television.

For homeowners, it could also be used as very durable floor tiles to allow for variation in color, pattern, and shape of bare floors. There are varied uses for a digital tile or an electronic tile.

A study from IEE explained that this is a good combination of a variety of industries such as architecture, interior design, and construction, turning simple and traditional construction materials into smart home technology.