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Trump Retracts Statement Saying Climate Change Is a Hoax

Nov 24, 2016 10:58 AM EST

The presidential win of Donald Trump has remarkably created such an impact on the world even if he has not begun his term. He has indicated that he would be pulling out of so many pre-agreed treaties and deals that will surely impact the future of America. These are deals such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership with 12 nations from Asia Pacific, the North American Free Trade Agreement, and the Paris Climate Treaty.

Out of the three, the latter might be the most terrifying of all as it will affect not only the economy of the world but the lives of future generations. However, there has been reports that the President-elect has been doing quite an interesting turn around as he starts to change his mind about many things he has promised during his campaign. There was a statement released by the president-elect that he is "keeping an open mind" about pulling out of the Paris Climate Treaty.

Originally against it, he has a very strong stance about the human effects of global warming saying that all the hullabaloo about climate change was nothing but fake news. He has also indicated prior that there is a very little significant relationship between human activity and global warming. According to reports, his team has said in an interview that Trump was looking for "quick ways to withdraw" from the Paris agreement. This created a national frenzy, where many spectators took to the streets to rally against his decision.

According to an interview with Fortune, Trump stated that he is now looking into the option of keeping the pact but will strongly consider how much all these efforts will cost American companies. He is calculating whether or not the climate change efforts will benefit the American economy.

Trump is expected to take the post as U.S. president on Jan. 20. Up to this point, it is still unclear whether the president-elect will stay within the treaty. 

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