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North Korea's Nuclear Missile Submarine Sets Out to Sea

Dec 22, 2016 06:38 AM EST

New satellite images show that North Korea is preparing its nuclear ballistic missile submarine to finally head out to see. The country has not released a statement regarding this, so military personnel from all over the world are keeping track of the progress.

Known as the Bukgeukseong-1, the nuclear ballistic missile submarine has been in production since 2015. This particular warhead has been tested successfully in August of this year and is expected for launch as early as the first few months of 2017.

What peaks the curiosity of many is that North Korea has not officially revealed any information regarding this submarine and considers technical information about it as classified information, just like what other countries like the United States do.

According to a report from Washington Times, North Korea has been readying the submarine for worthiness and has been continuously testing it both on land and sea for the past two years. Spectators from all over the world only base their information on satellite images as the country has not officially declared its launch. A report indicated that it may not be enough to conclude that North Korea is going to launch its submarine within 2016.

Many experts have considered this a threat, which is why military personnel from all over the world has been monitoring the movements of North Korea ever since the satellite images have been recorded.

According to a news report, in the case that North Korea finally launches their nuclear missile submarine, the capacity and range of nuclear weapons in the country would increase significantly. This is on top of the fact that tracking the location of the country's nuclear weapons will pose more difficulty and challenges.

A report from CNN noted that the reason behind North Korea's development of the submarine is unknown. As they only have one produced so far, it is still unclear if the country plans to use it simply as an experimental vehicle or for potential manufacture in the future. 

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