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‘Pyramid’ Found in Antarctica; A Proof of Undiscovered Ancient Civilization?

Nov 30, 2016 07:05 AM EST

The internet has been in a frenzy as photos of alleged "pyramids" spread through the web, leading many fanatics to believe that Antarctica may have a hidden and undiscovered ancient civilization. Looking eerily familiar and similar to pyramids in Egypt, is it really possible that these "pyramids" are man-made?

These "pyramid"-like formations have been discovered in the 1930s as one aviator flew through the continent, a study from the US Geological Survey stated. Although this particular pyramid is still unnamed, it has captured the awe and curiosity of even the most meticulous members of the scientific community.

Geologists from all over the world had, sadly, put all allegations down as these "pyramids" are actually rare phenomenal formations which are made from ice and rock. Though their oddly perfect shape can create confusion for many who are misinformed, there is enough evidence to suggest that these "pyramids" have not been man-made.

The Discovering Antarctica website has provided a vast geological history of the continent, and it should be no surprise that these so-called pyramids are actually peaks of mountain ranges covered in millions of years' worth of ice.

According to the sea floor spreading theory and the continental drift theory, the world used to be made up of one gigantic mass of land which has then continuously broken apart and drifted away in the last thousand years. It is not a wonder that there is a layer on the mass of Antarctica which is made of land, similar to those of its neighboring continents.  

According to a study published in Live Science, there are indications that the continent was teamed with both flora and fauna as it broke away from the supercontinent Gondwana. There is also evidence of mountain ranges underneath all the ice and glaciers, a phenomenon which has been created from the continent's drift from the supercontinent. 

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