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Britain's Temperature Plunges, Becomes Colder Than Iceland

Nov 29, 2016 10:51 AM EST
Britain's Temperature Plunges, Becomes Colder Than Iceland
Foggy winter morning in Britain expected to last until February.
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Temperatures in Britain are expected to plunge below freezing in the next few weeks, even colder than the average temperatures of Iceland. People have been warned to stay warm and safe as heavy snows are forecasted to fall in the next few days.

A month ago, British news reports have begun to warn locals that they might experience the coldest and longest autumn chill and December winter they will ever see in their lives. According to a report from Express UK, a "weak polar vortex" has been forecasted within the region. This phenomenon happens when the cold is triggered by frosty air sinking down from the Arctic regions. They are expected to occur in December and February, while an increase in temperatures is expected in January.

There have also been reports from Mirror UK that temperatures in Scotland have dipped into a whopping -12 degree Celsius in the past week. The averages of Wales and London are expected at -7 degrees Celsius but may dip to -8 degrees on the coldest of nights. As Iceland is expected to be above freezing in the coming days, the UK might experience record-breaking temperatures for the year.

A report from Independent UK has indicated that there were instances that temperatures dipped below freezing in the past year, but most of these cases were isolated and occurred only in short durations. This means that the current situation of Britain is the most widespread and probably the longest cold spell of the year. Thursday will be the beginning of the meteorological winter, which is expected to last until February 1.

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