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Obama 'Trump-Proofing' America's Natural Resources?

Nov 29, 2016 12:08 PM EST
Can Obama really ‘Trump-proof’ America in just a few weeks?
Can Obama really ‘Trump-proof’ America in just a few weeks?
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President Obama has been quite aggressive with his actions toward the protection of the environment and the possible mitigation of the effects of climate change during his administration. And now, it seems to many that he is dashing his actions toward sustainability at a more aggressive pace than previously. 

The Obama administration has been known to take the environment as a priority. They have previously opened up projects such as "Every Kid in a Park" to help people understand that the youth needs to experience the great outdoors. He has cooked up the 'Clean Water Rule' which developed policies to provide Americans access to cleaner water.

It would only be a few weeks before the new administration takes its place. Critics, as reported by Huffington Post, have indicated that Obama's recent moves may be meant to protect America's natural resources and public lands from the possibility of endangerment from the future policies of the Trump administration.

Earlier this month, President Obama has been reported to officially ban off-shore drilling near the Arctic ocean to possibly prevent any more impact on global warming and climate change. Contrary to the platforms of President-elect Donald Trump on opening U.S. waters for drilling, Obama's move has calmed down the fears of environmentalists all over the globe.

A report from RT USA has indicated that the Department of the Interior has officially banned gold mining in areas near Yellow Stone national Park just last week. According to an interview with the Interior Secretary, it is their best interest to protect the forest lands as it is home to thousands of species that will be migrating from the south during the winter.  

A plea from a report from may have reached the Obama administration as they called for help in the protection of public lands such as Bear Ears in Utah. Though no action is done yet, environmentalists are expecting some response from the president.

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