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What to Expect from the Nearing Apocalypse According to Scientists

Nov 28, 2016 08:12 AM EST
 How can anyone survive an apocalypse?
How can anyone survive an apocalypse? Scientists have provided ways to know what to expect and how to cope with disasters.
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With the avian flu within our midst as well as international tensions that might lead to nuclear warfare, it is becoming quite a reality for some to think of ways to learn how to survive after an apocalypse. The internet has some pretty crazy ideas on how to survive, and scientists have provided ways to know what to expect and how to cope with disasters. 

The first thing that would definitely happen according to scientists is the loss of power and connectivity. According to a report from BBC, it is important for a person's survival to search for any possible sources of electricity. The possibilities include car batteries, solar panels, and even small-scale batteries to power up heat sources and flashlights. Most importantly, learn how to build a fire from this small gathered sources of electricity.

The next thing that people should expect would be the lack of possible sources of food. It is also essential to gather up some firewood and scout the area for possible sources of food, such as plants, animals and the like. In the long run, it might be good to learn how to grow your own food.

Men's Fitness magazine has noted that one of the most important things to look out for to survive is clean water. It is ideal to live in a location nearest a source of clean surface water; however, it is also essential to know that it is best to avoid water-borne diseases. It is also possible to purify such surface water through different means such as filtration or boiling.

The last important thing that people should find after an apocalypse is shelter. It would be best to be protected from the harshness of weather and the possible dangers of wild animals roaming in an open space.

Scientists said that humans can once again flourish decades or centuries after an apocalypse as long as they learn how to be self-sufficient. First, humans have to learn how to survive, and then they will soon learn how to rebuild.  

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