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Discover Tahiti and Polynesia Through the New Disney Movie 'Moana'

Nov 29, 2016 12:55 PM EST
Discover Tahiti and Polynesia Through the New Disney Movie 'Moana'
Actress Auli’i Cravalho gives life to the voice of the new Disney Princess "Moana."

(Photo : Getty Images)

Disney's Moana has been receiving great feedback and positive reviews after topping the box office just after it was released. A lot of critics have been saying that 'Moana' has the formula that Disney has been perfecting for decades.

Moana, not like other princesses, has shown the world that royalty does not always live in castles and wear ball gowns. Sometimes they live in huts near the ocean but can still be as regal as can be. The movie is set in an entirely different landscape, and Moana lives in a community of a culture audiences may be seeing for the first time.

A report from the National has exclaimed that its makers have based it more strongly on the Tahitian culture than any other. Disney has hired archaeologists, linguists, fishermen, and anthropologists to make Moana as close to the culture and history of the ancient Tahitian tribes as much as possible. With majority of media and works highly influenced by the West, it is the first time a movie will be based entirely on virgin cultures of the Pacific with very little to no appearances from characters of the west.  

The movie deserves a lot of respect as it has achieved a lot it has set out to. It will be the first Disney movie that will be dubbed in Tahitian and will be used in Polynesian schools to encourage the youth to embrace their language and their ancient cultures.

One other fact about Moana that most spectators have been praising is the fact that she is the first Disney princess with realistic body proportions. According to a report from BBC, Moana is made up of all the positive attributes other princesses have but is an entirely different character of her own. She is aimed to teach the youth of the US to embrace multiculturalism, and that there are more beautiful cultures outside of the Western countries. 

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