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Scientists Urge Trump to Hire a ‘Competent’ Science Adviser

Nov 30, 2016 05:40 AM EST

With only a few weeks left before the Obama administration finally ends and the new president-elect takes his seat, Donald Trump is reportedly already choosing and appointing his cabinet members and advisers. Known to have controversial views regarding many scientific issues, Trump was strongly urged by the scientific community to hire a competent, respected, and trusted science and technology adviser.

According to a report from the New York Times, a lot of experts from different fields are concerned as the president-elect seems to be choosing his cabinet members at a rapid rate. A number of organizations have been reported to take matters into their own hands and wrote letters and requests directly to the president-elect, stating their advice and requests regarding the soon-to-be appointed science and technology adviser.

The Seeker has officially published a list of these organizations, which include the American Astronomical Society, American Chemical Society, and Association of American Universities, to name a few. They all had the same plea, and that was to request the president-elect to take time in making his decision for such a crucial and important role. They have stressed that the leader must have "appropriate engineering, scientific, management and policy skills."

Trump has been known to release quite controversial statements regarding many international issues related to climate change, global warming, and the environment. During his campaign, Trump said that global warming and climate change are both hoaxes, which raised some eyebrows from the scientific community.

In addition, according to Climate Central, Trump said that that funding for climate change, NASA, and other related organizations will be slashed by a huge percentage. Environmentalists, climate change activists, and scientists are worried about what could happen to not only the U.S. but the world in the next four years. 

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