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'Hidden River' Made From Molten Iron Discovered Beneath Canada and Russia

Dec 23, 2016 12:27 PM EST
River of molten iron found underneath Canada and Russia
River of molten iron found underneath Canada and Russia

(Photo : Getty Images)

The Earth has been continuously surprising scientists about new discoveries that help humans get to know their home planet. One of the latest mysteries that have been discovered is the "hidden river" of molten iron found to be running through northern countries such as Alaska, Canada, and Russia. How come it has only been discovered now?

New Scientist reported that magnetic field readings from more than three thousand kilometers below the Earth's surface have been discovered in countries near the Arctic. It has been noted that this particular 'river' of molten iron is circulating westward from Eastern Russia towards Europe at speeds faster than the normal flow rate of materials in the Earth's core. It has been found that this speed is much faster than 15 years ago.

According to some reports, this is a very promising new find as scientists seem to be able to observe planets outside of the Earth's orbit than what is inside the Earth. We seem to have very little mechanisms to be able to deeply figure out what systems consist layers of the Earth underneath the surface. This particular discovery could even lead to the understanding of how the Earth can generate or produce its magnetic field.

Understanding the Earth's magnetic field is essential as this gives the earth the capability of deflecting solar wind and radiation coming from the sun. Without the magnetic field, the Earth's Ozone layer will be significantly damaged and could potentially diminish and extinguish the life on Earth.

Hyperphysics explains that an understanding of the Earth's magnetic field is yet to be reached to its optimum. This new find may be the piece of information that could give scientists a clearer picture of the inner works of the world and perhaps, potentially use it as a means of protecting it from further damage. 

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