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LOOK: Some Real-Life 'Star Wars’ and ‘Rogue One' Destinations

Dec 22, 2016 11:57 AM EST
Star Wars destinations you can visit
Star Wars destinations you can visit
(Photo : Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

The new Star Wars film, Rogue One, has hit the cinemas, and many people are probably rewatching and re-living the entire collection to backtrack on its history. Along with this, fans may have been digitally revisiting the popular planets and galaxies featured in the film series, including Tatooine, the woods of Endor, and the ice world Hoth.

What many don't know is that many of Star Wars' universe are actually turned into tourists destinations and they can take time away from their daily lives to visit these places.

Architectural Digest enumerates many of the most iconic destinations. Most of the scenes in Tatooine have been filmed in various locations in Tunisia. This includes Mos Espa which features the space port of Tatooine. This place has been filmed in Oung Jmel, Tunisia and is visited by tourists on a regular basis. Also found in Tunisia would be Luke Skywalker's iconic igloo home.

Newer destinations which are featured Rogue One as reported by CNN includes the planet of Scarif which could be located in the beautifull Laamu Atoll in Maldives. What is interesting is that the Imperial Base of Scarif which has also been featured in the film is located in an entirely different location, thousands of miles away in the Canary Wharf Station in London. This is an entirely different feel, with futuristic looking window panels, steel and glass compared to Laamu Atoll's island appeal.

If travelling is too much, maybe turning your home into a Star Wars film set would be a great idea with a few of the sci-fi technology in the film which actually exists today. A company called Aerofox has developed their own flying speeder bike which they have been perfecting for the past few years. Probe droids are also quite popular nowadays in the form of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles or drones which is not only entertaining but very handy. 

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