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19-Meter Non-Tsunami Wave Recorded in the North Atlantic Ocean

Dec 15, 2016 09:59 AM EST
19-Meter Non-Tsunami Wave Recorded in the North Atlantic Ocean
Gigantic waves have been recorded through history.
(Photo : Illustrated London News/Getty Images)

A 19-meter wave has been recorded in the North Atlantic Ocean in between the United Kingdom and Iceland. This is one of the tallest waves that has been recorded in history that has not been caused by seismic motions underneath the sea floor or by a tsunami.

According to a report from Science Alert, it has been recorded by the United Nation's buoy data that a wave of incredible height is not normal for the area. For a clearer visual, scientists have compared the gigantic wave to a building with a total of six stories or four double-decker buses stacked on top of each other. These kinds of tall, strong waves are very common in the North Atlantic; however, waves of this height have never been recorded before.

Most scientists attribute this phenomenon to the wind conditions in the region, which are quite infamous for their ability to produce what is believed as weather "bombs." These weather phenomena are extra-tropical storms that are caused by the atmospheric pressure and wind circulations in the North Atlantic Ocean.

Experts have found that it happened when winds suddenly picked up and reached a speed of 50 miles per hour. Such a wind speed in the middle of the ocean is believed to have been caused by a sudden strong cold front that swept through this part of the ocean. According to a report from Mirror UK, it has beaten the previous record holder of 18.275 meters, also in the North Atlantic Ocean in 2007.

Though this particular wave is not the tallest, it is still pretty much noteworthy as it is the tallest wave ever recorded by a "buoy." The tallest wave in the world was recorded in Alaska in 1958, which reached more than 30 meters in height. This particular wave was created by a tsunami, according to the Smithsonian Magazine. There are also other kinds of waves such as rogue waves that could go as high as 25 meters.  

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