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LOOK: Sweden's Mysterious Tiny Mice Cafe

Dec 15, 2016 10:21 AM EST
A female mouse with 3-D printed ovary was able to produce healthy pups.
(Photo : China Photos/Getty Images)

A mysterious group called Anonymouse MMX has literally opened a tiny café for mice to enjoy in Sweden's small town of Malmo. Tourists are now excited to not only go sightseeing in the country but also watch out for miniature cafes popping up in unexpected places.

Up until now, no one knows the true identities behind the famous Anonymouse MMX. The unknown group has posted most of their works on their Instagram page, and people are excited to see what they got in store. They have created these small shops to cater to the scurrying cute rodents of the city and offer them a variety of delicacies such as nuts and cheese.

Most of their tiny cafes are adorned with tables, chairs, and lamps -- miniature versions of manmade creations. According to a report from Treehugger, they prefer using materials that their target clientele would probably collect themselves. These shop furniture are made from tin can lids, bottle caps, buttons, matches, and many more.

Although no specific reason was given by the makers to explain why they create all these adorable storefronts, Lonely Planet suggests that creators from Anonymouse MMX enjoy imagining a human-like world of mice that is parallel to how we live our everyday lives. They may want to exhibit that the rogue beauty of street art could be seen no matter the size.

The intricate details could be seen from the well-crafted posters about upcoming mouse movies, concerts, and events. There is also much painstaking detail and design given to the concept of interiors. What is best about this is that even though a person cannot travel to Sweden just to see the tiny mice shops, you could easily visit the group's page on Instagram which features every design that they have made.

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