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Martian 'Glove', Golden Ring Spotted on Mars Images -- Are They Real?

Oct 03, 2016 03:33 AM EDT
Phoenix Mars Lander Arrives On Mars
Two alleged signs of alien life were spotted recently on the red planet including a Martian 'glove' and a golden ring with intricate details.
(Photo : NASA/JPL-Caltech/University of Arizona via Getty Images)

This year is a prolific year for alien hunters and conspiracy theorists as more and more unidentified and weird objects were allegedly discovered in NASA's images of Mars. The most recent of which are the supposedly Martian 'gloves' and a golden ring found in photos of Mars taken by NASA -- but are they real?

The image where the Martian gloves were spotted was taken by NASA's Mars Curiosity rover. It was enhanced to show and highlight what looks like an old glove. Experts say it might just be an oddly shaped rock on the Martian terrain, but alien hunters are adamant in professing that what is seen on the image could be a sign of alien life. The image was enhanced by alien hunter website Paranormal Crucible, according to a report.

There are a lot of theories as to what the object might be; it could be a glove, a petrified hand or weapon. However, even alien hunters are not sure about the identity of the object because they have very limited knowledge of these kinds of weapons if it indeed some kind of alien armory.

But aside from the glove, another intriguing item, a ring, was discovered on Mars. The video of the alleged jewelry found on Mars was posted six days ago and almost has 100,000 views. Paranormal Crucible also uploaded the video on their YouTube page, which has baffled many due to the "remarkable details" that were featured in the video. However, no sources of origin were mentioned compared to the Martian "gloves" image that was taken from the Mars Curiosity Rover database.

"Amazing artifact found on Mars that in my opinion is solid evidence that past life did exist on the red planet. This is a ring or perhaps a small bracelet, it even has a tinge of gold that is still visible in the raw image," Paranormal Crucible said in the description of the video.

Because of this, some people claim that they are convinced with the object seen on the video. However, with today's technology, anything is possible. It is advised to follow a careful study of alleged proof of alien life before concluding or even vouching for their authenticity. And if there any viable evidence out there, the scientific community might as well be the first one to confirm its existence.

Earlier this year, many speculations of alleged evidence of alien life on Mars circulated. There was a report of an alien skeleton sighting and the discovery of an entire Martian city on the red planet.

However, NASA is firm in saying that all these evidence of alien sighting could be just the normal reaction or perception of humans to things that they are not familiar with. They tend to associate images and objects of unknown origins to objects that are familiar like rings and skeletons and even cities. A huge amount of alien theories can be attributed to this explanation, according to experts from NASA.

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