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UFO Society Claims Proof of Alien Abductions, Sightings, Encounters

Oct 01, 2016 08:39 AM EDT
Alien crash
Real or hoax? In mid 1947, an extraterrestrial spaceship allegedly crashed in US desert. Some, including former NASA astronaut Edgar Mitchell, claim the government covered it up because they do not know what they would do about it. The event is now known as "The Roswell UFO incident." Photos of the UFO body soon emerged on the Internet, including the photo above.
(Photo : Flickr/Creative Commons/Brad Spry)

For the past years, there has been evidence suggesting that "alien abductions" had occurred.

Collective Evolution cites The Hill's story which occurred in 1961 is possibly the most documented UFO abduction case in history. A movie based on the alleged alien abduction was produced in 1975. It was titled "the UFO Incident." The mystifying case of the Hills was studied by many researchers.

The Hills, who were placed under hypnosis, said they were taken by a big disc shaped aircraft and where taken into some kind of operating room where various invasive medical procedures were performed to them. Since then, many people have come forward to divulge their own extraterrestrial experience. Nonetheless, many at present are still skeptic about this phenomenon.

Fast forward to today, there are various organizations established to study UFO occurrences. One of which is the UFO & Paranormal Research Society of Australia (UFO-PRSA).

In an exclusive take, News.Au reported that this group which is composed of professionals claims they have enough proof of alien abductions, telepathy, encounters and sightings as they are the ones who experienced it themselves.

Researcher Moira McGhee, author of Contact Down Under: A Century of UFO sightings in Australasia and the Western Pacific said: "I don't agree with everything people say. There's a lot of conspiracy stuff. You don't know what's true and what's not. Maybe none of us have the right answer. But the worst thing a researcher can do is to close their mind."

"They need to believe anything is possible but have a big dose of skepticism too. If even one of these reports is true it will change mankind forever."

Just recently, a report by Mirror UK said UFO enthusiasts had once again spotted a strange disc in one of NASA's videos.

Meanwhile, a real video of an alien abduction is being recreated in movie "Redlight." It shows the story of a man from Florida trying to recall what has happened to him when he was abducted, through the smart phone video of the actual encounter.

It will be produced by Dempsey Tillman and Lawrence Razo.

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