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Alien Hunters: NASA Pic Captures Alleged UFO Crash Site on Mars

Sep 27, 2016 07:55 AM EDT
NASA Captures Photo of Alien Crash on Mars
A photo released by NASA reveals an alleged alien spacecraft which had crash landed on the red planet.
(Photo : Pixabay)

A panoramic photo of Mars taken by the NASA Mars Curiosity Rover has sparked the interest of an unidentified flying object (UFO) enthusiast. According to Streetcap1, the UFO spotter, the photo captured shows a crashed flying saucer. How true are the claims?

In a video entitled "Martian Hill Anomaly" posted by Streetcap1, the clip shows the photo taken by the Mars rover. The video zooms in to a strange looking rock that allegedly looks out of place. Commenters of the video conclude that it is a crashed flying saucer with the obvious raised center and a circular form.

"This looks a bit unusual," wrote Streetcap1. "Doesn't really fit in with the surrounding rocks. It is at the summit of the mountain and very far off, so if it is a rock then it must be massive. Also it looks like there are windows on it."

The blog operator of UFO Sightings Daily, Scott Waring, was quick to agree with Streetcap1. In his blog, Waring claims that the object "looks to be made of the same material as the surroundings, and could be a flying disk that has landed, or it could be a building built there on purpose to get a better view." In addition to the latest photo, Waring also looked through other photos taken by the Mars Rover and speculated that there have been alien life forms captured.

This is not the first time photos taken by NASA have been subject to UFO claims by such enthusiasts. While there are believers, there are also skeptics who have dismissed the claims. Some state that the disc could have just been photoshopped while others claim alleged crashed flying saucer could simply just be an "enlarged view of the linear sand dunes."

NASA has yet to speak up regarding the photo captured by the Mars Rover.

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