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UFO Hunter Spots Glowing Blue Light in NASA Live Feed

Oct 02, 2016 04:24 AM EDT
UFO Light
Blue-light possibly caused by UFO caught on NASA's live cam feed at the International Space Station
(Photo : tintenfieber/Public Domain/Pixabay)

A UFO specialist claims to have caught a blue-light on NASA's live feed at the International Space Station minutes before the feed was cut off. The said blue light is reportedly a UFO and that NASA's move of cutting off the feed is a move to hide UFO evidence.

Streetcap1 , the known prolific UFO hunter, caught sight of the alleged UFO during NASA's live stream at the International Space Station (ISS) on September 30. In the video, the UFO reportedly flew close to the HD camera, before the feed was cut off entirely.

"Unidentified Object is brighter on the left side due to the light from the Sun, so not lens flare," wrote Streetcap1, adding, "NASA cut the camera feed so quickly even though this was very distant, but I still managed to get a couple of frames to enlarge."

While skeptics claim the blue light is simply a lens flare, Streetcap1 is adamant that the image captured on the feed was indeed a UFO, as it appeared brighter on the left side which was facing the sun. According to the UFO specialist, a solid flying object that has the ability to reflect sunlight proves that it was flying in close to the ISS in low earth orbit.

Another UFO specialist, Scott C. Waring, blogged about the same blue light, evidence of a UFO on his site, the UFO Sightings Daily. Here, Waring states that though the blue light appears far away from the ISS, it was in fact flying close.

"This blue-glowing UFO was seen near the space station yesterday by Streetcap1 of YouTube," wrote Waring, adding, "It appears far away, but it is not. It is actually very close to the space station, but higher up so it appears distant."

This is not the first time UFO specialists have claimed to have seen or spotted evidence of alien life in NASA's live feed and photos. Early this week, Streetcap1 released a video which closely analysed the image captured by the Mars Curiosity rover. In the video, the UFO specialist claims that there is spacecraft on top of the rocks, which had allegedly crashed into the red planet.

Aside from the spacecraft, YouTuber Paranormal Crucible uploaded another video showing evidence that the Mars Spirit rover had captured an image of a strange gold ring.

"Amazing artifact found on Mars that in my opinion is solid evidence that past life did exist on the red planet. This is a ring or perhaps a small bracelet, it even has a tinge of gold that is still visible in the raw image," stated Paranormal Crucible in the video.

NASA has yet to release a statement regarding the UFO claims by these specialists.

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