UFO hunters have spotted another alleged unidentified flying object (UFO) hovering above the International Space Station (ISS).

Based on the footage enhanced by UFO hunters, there were two flashing lights visible near the ISS. Because the sources of lights were unidentified, UFO hunters claimed that it was from UFOs closely monitoring the ISS.

UFO hunters have long believed that extraterrestrial life exists. Alongside their belief, they have blatantly accused NASA of covering up the instances when evidence of alien life has been captured by the agency's own cameras.

This wasn't the first instance that conspiracy theorists accused NASA of a cover-up. Earlier this year, NASA's ISS live feed was unintentionally cut due to loss of signal, but alien hunters claimed that the feed was cut when an unidentified object appeared on the screen.

The two UFOs discussed were seen from a NASA footage, edited and enhanced by YouTube user Streetcap1. The video has been viewed by thousands of enthusiasts. In the video, the lights were seen traveling around a resupply cargo docked to the ISS.

Of course, alien hunters will affirm that what was seen in the video is indeed proof that aliens exist. "The first UFO is smaller... which tells me it's father away than the second larger UFO," Scott Waring, a UFO hunter said in a statement.

Waring even compared the images of the UFO from a former object seen in older footage, saying that the same object was already seen in space before. For years, NASA has been accused of covering up UFO sighting. But science has always found a logical explanation to most alleged UFO sighting there is.

During the ISS incident seen during a live feed, alien hunters claim that there was a UFO hovering on the screen. But NASA experts say that the image is not a UFO but a reflection of the metallic surface of the ISS. Some say that it the two UFO's spotted recently might have been caused by the same reflective properties of the ISS.

Meanwhile, the Earth-like planet Proxima b might also be an interest to alien hunters, as the planet is believed to have the ability to retain liquid water that makes it a candidate in searching for alien life forms.