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Did NASA Cut ISS Live feed As Mysterious Object (UFO) Appears?

Jul 14, 2016 06:03 AM EDT
pace Shuttle Endeavour Makes Last Trip To ISS Under Command Of Astronaut Mark Kelly
Alien hunters are accusing NASA of cutting the ISS live feed when a mysterious unidentified object appeared on the screen.
(Photo : NASA via Getty Images)

Conspiracy theorists are accusing NASA of cutting its International Space Station (ISS) live feed when a mysterious object, believed to be a UFO appeared last July 9.

UFO hunters believe that this is part of a cover-up to prevent humans in discovering alien life in space. But experts explain that the ISS feed can sometimes be disrupted due to uncontrollable causes such as loss of broadcast signal. This happens even on Earth and it is not surprising for the ISS to experience the same.

But how can the mysterious object be explained? The Internet is bursting with analysis from various individuals, believers and non-believers alike, professing their belief on what could have been captured in the video.

"Remember a UFO is an unidentified flying object," said the page administrator who uploaded the video. Although the Youtube page Streetcap1 admitted that it could be a meteor, they highlighted the fact the NASA cut the ISS feed when the object appeared. There's no way to tell whether or not the lost signal was cut due to the object or it just happened unintentionally but conspiracy theorists believe it is the former.

But it looks like there's a more logical explanation to this; it could be the Chinese space station cargo satellite Tiangong-1, according to Daily Mail. This is based on reports suggesting that China lost contact with its cargo ship. The cargo ship might be spinning towards Earth in a dangerous manner after China lost contact with it.

The first Chinese Space Station Tiangong-1 made news last week when claims proliferated saying it is spiraling towards Earth when China lost control of the spacecraft during a supposedly controlled crash, according to the Independent. It is supposed to land on an inhabited ocean.

Another strong theory is that it could be a meteor that naturally roams in space. But despite plausible explanations on what the object could be, conspiracy theorist are asking NASA to explain why the live feed was cut short.

This is not the first time NASA and its astronauts were accused of hiding information about UFO. In 2015, astronaut Scott Kelly tweeted a photo of India as seen from space with what initially appeared as a UFO. But it was discovered later on that the cylindrical image capture on the photo was a reflection of an equipment mounted on the ISS itself.

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