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UFO Hunters Found "Donald Trump" Rock on Mars

Aug 02, 2016 11:49 PM EDT
Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Holds Rally In Ashburn, Virginia
A UFO Hunter claims that he found a rock that looks like Donald Trump on the surface of Mars.
(Photo : Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Presidential candidate and businessman Donald Trump is often described as "out-of-this-world" with his quirks and unorthodox way of thinking. But UFO hunters say Trump is literally found out of the Earth as a Trump-looking stone was discovered on the surface of Mars.

An image taken on Mars is now the talk of the world as a unique stone was discovered and it cunningly looked like the head of the presidential candidate, Donald Trump. The rock resembles a smirking Trump facing the left side. UFO hunters and conspiracy theorist believe that this is a bad "omen."

It was UFO hunter Scott C. Waring who analyzed the photo from NASA in hope to find signs of alien life, but instead of finding an alien, he instead found an adamant anti-illegal alien campaigner, Donald Trump. Of course, the rock wouldn't look like Trump without his trademark hair, prompting those who see the image to say that the resemblance is uncanny.

"The face, nose and hair looked so much like Trumps that I had to share it with you," said Waring in a statement. "The photo below has his face super imposed upon the rock so that you can see the incredible detail," Waring added. 

Scott Waring manages a Youtube page dedicated to searching for signs of alien life from data gathered by innovative NASA equipment. The photo sparked the interest of the Internet for many bizarre reasons, including the belief that Trump has magical power or if he came from an alien descent, according to a conspiracy theorists' comment published by Daily Mail.

This is entirely less more controversial that previous odd-looking stones found on the surface of Mars like the Sasquatch skull. But the odd rock that looks like Donald Trump equally garnered attention of the public; it was found in an image taken by NASA's Opportunity Rover in 2009, according to CNET.

Of course, it can only be a jagged rock with prominent shadows.


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