Did a UFO hover above the supervolcano at the Yellowstone National park?

The Yellowstone National Park has recently made it to the news, as more and more changes were observed within the park, possibly due to climate change. One major attraction within the park is the caldera, where a supervolcano with a huge magma deposit is supposedly lurking underneath. More recently, conspiracy theorists claim that a UFO was seen hovering above the Yellowstone supervolcano. Is it real?

Earlier this year, experts argued that the risk posed by the Supervolcano underneath the Yellowstone National Park has drastically increased. It is believed that the supervolcano is not likely to erupt in this lifetime, but recent behavior of its caldera shows otherwise. Although there is no prediction as to when the eruption will occur, it is believed that a supervolcano eruption will be massive and has the capacity to destroy a large area and displace a great number of the population.

In a video released by UFO hunters, what appears to be an unidentified flying object (UFO) was spotted hovering over the supervolcano in the Yellowstone National Park. Reports say that the UFO appears to be cylindrical in shape, approximately 300 feet long.

Some scientist claim that the supervolcano eruption can kill almost 100,000 people and it is also a more logical theory compared to what conspiracy theorists believe. Because as per alien hunters, the massive molten lava reserve underneath the national park is a "feeding source" for alien life, according to a report.

A Youtube user Jeanette Forester posted the video on her channel and it instantly attracted the attention of many UFO hunters and conspiracy theorists. The footage was an enhanced version of the surveillance cameras installed in the Yellowstone National Park to monitor the behavior of the supervolcano.

A few days after the video was posted, it had already converged the top names in the UFO hunting world.  Forester believes that the video shows alien spacecraft hovering above Earth. The video was viewed more than 25,000 times and was reposted by other conspiracy theorist's websites.

Obviously, the legion of believers thinks that this could indeed be a sign from extraterrestrials. "This clip is the highlight of my month. Maybe my whole year. I live for moments like this," Scott C. Waring, a UFO hunter said in an interview.

But based on the comments the video had acquired, not all of the people who have seen the video believed that there is something different about it. One person even offered a very obvious explanation, saying what is in the video is a distorted image of a plane.