One of the photographs taken by the Rover appears to have a skeleton sprawled on the rocky terrain, after it was enhanced by self-proclaim alien hunter on his Youtube page.

Youtube channel Paranormal Crucible uploaded to video that discussed the "alien skeleton" found on Mars. The photo was grabbed from one of Curiosity Rover's video taken last June 2015. The enhanced image shows what appears to be a human-like skeletal system.

"This is undoubtedly the skeletal remains of an alien humanoid in my opinion. I have cross referenced the relics and compared them with bones found in humans, and the comparison is undeniable," the Youtube page administrator said in a statement published by Daily Mail.

The video posted by the Youtube channel is making waves especially in the alien hunter community. "The relic has a large skull adorned with an ornate or decorative head piece, this could indicate that its the remains of a king, religious icon or perhaps a fallen warrior," the page administrator said in a statement. Coloring and enhancing the image grabbed from the Curiosity materials achieved the controversial result.

Alien hunters believe that if this is true, it will shake the belief of men entirely. "This is enough evidence to rock the palaeontology world off its high horse," Scott C. Waring UFO commentator said in a statement published by Mirror. This bizarre news circulated around the world where some speculate that the remains belong to a "Martian King."

The recent years proved to be a busy streak for Martian alien hunters and conspiracy theorists. Last June, alien hunters claimed that NASA photographed an ancient city on Mars and was captured in a photo but was released in a very small resolution that made it very difficult to identify. But the most recent anomaly is the "message" sent through morse code that was also captured by NASA.

It was proven that the Morse code on the sand dunes found on Mars were formed by complex winds blowing from different directions and not necessarily a message sent by alien and intellectuals beings to Earth.

But the recent image of alien skeleton is under a lot of debate; experts don't believe what the photo suggests, saying it could only be a result of too much coloring. It could also be attributed to pareidolia, or when the brain tricks the eye to see a familiar shape in patterns and textures, according to Express.UK.

It looks like mankind still haven't discovered life outside the Earth yet, but the universe is so vast to completely refute the belief that there's life out there in space beyond what Earth technologies could reach.